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Types of tapes

Seal the Deal: Exploring Diverse Taping Solutions in the Industry

The art of packaging is more critical than ever, and the type of tape used can make all the difference. Taping solutions have evolved far beyond simple adhesives, offering a range of options to meet the unique needs of different industries.

Filament Tapes:

Filament tapes, reinforced with fiberglass strands, offer exceptional strength and durability. Ideal for bundling heavy items or reinforcing boxes, these tapes provide an added layer of security, making them indispensable in industries where robust packaging is non-negotiable.

Double-Sided Tapes:

Double-sided tapes have adhesive on both sides, allowing them to join two surfaces together seamlessly. This type of tape is widely used in industries requiring discreet bonding, like paper and print, where a clean finish is paramount.

Gummed Tapes:

Gummed tapes, also known as water-activated tapes, form a strong bond when moistened. Commonly used in the beverage and food industries, gummed tapes provide a secure seal that is tamper-evident and resistant to temperature changes.

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