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Packaging Tapes

Clear Packaging Tape

Clear packaging tape is a transparent adhesive tape designed for sealing boxes and packages. The transparency of this tape not only ensures a neat and professional look but also allows for quick inspections in the shipping process.

Brown Packaging Tape

Brown packaging tape, a testament to eco-friendliness, is primarily paper-based and embraces a natural, earthy hue. 

Tan Packaging Tape

Versatile tan packaging tape suitable for general sealing and packaging applications.

Yellowish Packaging Tape

Bright yellowish packaging tape, providing high visibility and secure sealing for packages.

Red Packaging Tape

Bold red packaging tape, ideal for indicating special handling or urgent shipments.

Blue Packaging Tape

Blue packaging tape, is often used for color-coding or differentiation in packaging procedures.

Green Packaging Tape

Green packaging tape, suitable for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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